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1477 Park St.
Hartford, CT

The Brothers Crisp is an artisan, hand sewn moccasin local footwear company based out of Hartford’s Parkville neighborhood. The Brothers Crisp’s founder Joshua Westbrook first established a substantial following for his brand on Instagram, designing and hand-crafting one-off custom shoes for customers around the world. Westbrook and his team have since shifted their focus towards the production of a full line of branded American made footwear. Their variations on the traditional techniques of moccasin construction are both timeless, beautiful and innovative, durable, and – unlike any other brand in the world – hand-sewn in Hartford.


Hello Parkville

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Hello Parkville

The Brothers Crisp

Our friends from Breakfast Lunch and Dinner recently posted about some new movements in our neighborhood to bring the community further together through some smart tech. A version of that post follows. 

BLD and The Brothers Crisp call Hartford home– more specifically home is in Parkville. It is a neighborhood tucked between I-84 and the fiefdom of West Hartford. What started as an industrial hub, making everything from typewriters,bicycles and streetcars, has slowly transitioned in a post-industrial way towards the arts and culture, like other similar areas the world over.

That new life is sprouting and giving hope for our own renaissance. We have the right assets: diversity in all forms, a true art institution in Real Art Ways, artisans making things from denim, to all forms of art – not to mention some of the best food in the city. What we didn’t yet have was a way to connect them all. Enter Sunrise Marketing with Hello Parkville

Sunrise Marketing is a Parkville-based firm that specializes in the horticultural industry. They recognized how the community was bubbling and decided to use their tools to help their neighbors. What they have created is an app for the neighborhood:

“The app will act as a virtual concierge directing users through a journey of all that the Parkville community has to offer. Whether it is a landmark restaurant on Park Street, or a new gallery showing at Real Art Ways, the app will provide all the details and directions to make sure the experience is a rewarding one.”

Hartford, which often feels anything but advanced with technology and the web, may have just put itself on the map with this movement. Not only is there an app to connect visitors and residents to help explore local places and businesses, but it also allows all the participating assets to be connected to the app through Apple iBeacons. The iBeacons have the ability to reach out to our undumbphones and send and share information. A bit crazy and Skynet-like, but hey, it’s 2015. The future is now and it’s up to all of us to make this work. It may not put Yelp or Groupon out of business, but that wasn’t the point. If nothing else, its laid a strong foundation for the ‘hood to work together, and now it’s time to build.

Come to Parkville and check out our neighborhood. Through the app we are offering a 20% discount on in shop purchases. 

This article was originally published by Breakfast x Lunch x Dinner.