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1477 Park St.
Hartford, CT

The Brothers Crisp is an artisan, hand sewn moccasin local footwear company based out of Hartford’s Parkville neighborhood. The Brothers Crisp’s founder Joshua Westbrook first established a substantial following for his brand on Instagram, designing and hand-crafting one-off custom shoes for customers around the world. Westbrook and his team have since shifted their focus towards the production of a full line of branded American made footwear. Their variations on the traditional techniques of moccasin construction are both timeless, beautiful and innovative, durable, and – unlike any other brand in the world – hand-sewn in Hartford.


A Long Winter

From the Shop

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A Long Winter

The Brothers Crisp

We are in the midst of a long winter here in Hartford, but it doesn't mean everyday can't be a wonderful kind of day. Since launching our first two collections in the past 4 months we have learned a lot. We appreciated our customers patience as we continue to grow into the company that we all want to be. We have some more releases coming soon as well as some new projects we hope you will enjoy as much as we hope to. Enjoy our short above, "A Long Winter" made by our friend Connor from Idlewilde Creations. Connor is a great local talent who also created the series "The Old Guitar." He puts an old 6-string in the hands of different artists and captures the magic that happens next.

Stay cozy stomping around out there it'll be sock-less weather before we know it.