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1477 Park St.
Hartford, CT

The Brothers Crisp is an artisan, hand sewn moccasin local footwear company based out of Hartford’s Parkville neighborhood. The Brothers Crisp’s founder Joshua Westbrook first established a substantial following for his brand on Instagram, designing and hand-crafting one-off custom shoes for customers around the world. Westbrook and his team have since shifted their focus towards the production of a full line of branded American made footwear. Their variations on the traditional techniques of moccasin construction are both timeless, beautiful and innovative, durable, and – unlike any other brand in the world – hand-sewn in Hartford.


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Learning about those other things on your feet

The Brothers Crisp

This project is about a year in the making. In a flurry early last winter, we arranged a visit with some interesting folks in the Northeast corner of Connecticut. A scenic drive from the 'shop, on the top of steep short hill sits a barn that houses the entire buzzing, spinning and whiring energy of the Still River Mill operation. The operation is a Fiber Mill operated by Deirdre and Greg. On our visit they played generous hosts and gave us a walkthrough of their whole process. They specialize in spinning fibers for farmers. Farmers from around state and the region send the animal fibers to the Mill and Deirdre and Greg send them the sustainably dyed yarn back.

But they also buy fibers and sell their yarns and knit products made from their yarns, which was the reason for our visit. The Brothers Crisp wanted some locally made socks and they had the best (and only; N.B. the yarns are turned into socks in PA) option available. With Deirdre and Greg we sat down and discussed fibers, blends and dyes. A few months laters we got our samples back. 

Some of us prefer to wear our footwear barefoot, but winters like our last one remind us the wonders of a great pair of wool socks. We wanted to find  socks that would match how we make shoes. We think we found it. 

See for yourself...